Distributed design and development using agile methods and Trac (XP2006 presentation)

I’m hosting a session at the XP2006 conference and here’s the material for that session.

Also, the title should probably talk about Dispersed, not distributed, since that’s what we’re doing (not just having teams in separate locations, but having team members in separate locations).

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  1. […] We started the complete rewrite of Fle3 on the 25th of September. Now, after two months, our competent new Python guy Risto Saarelma has completed the KB and Webtop modules (without UI). During the next two weeks we should have the Jamming module done, after which we’ll do the UI to the entire thing before Christmas, and we should have a demo up and running before the year is over, and a release candidate early next year. As the project manager of sorts, I’m happy that we’re moving from dtml to zpt, and that the product is now properly covered in automated unit tests. If you’re interested in more details about the development, head over to the Fle3 development site. We’re using Trac which we’ve found an extremely useful and simple solution to our dispersed software project which is going on concurrently. […]

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