WordPress plugin: Pages are Posts

This is a small plugin for WordPress that makes pages behave more like posts. It’s a quick and simple solution for anyone who uses WordPress like a CMS, with mainly a hierarchy of pages. Normally pages don’t have tags or categories, and they don’t show up on various listings or RSS feeds. Pages are Posts does that. It does two things:

  1. Add tags and categories to posts.
  2. Modify post listings to include pages when they would normally only list posts.

The plugin has been carefully crafted so it does not interfere with normal management views, nor with other plugins that may create new content types. Find the plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/pages-are-posts/

About Tarmo Toikkanen

Design-researcher, entrepreneur, author. Psychology of learning, engagement design, educational technology, prototyping, participatory design, copyright and Creative Commons.


  1. so are you saying that my pages will show in my rss feed? how about if i use feedburner?

    • Feedburner does not affect this. WordPress generates the RSS feed, which is then read by Feedburner for further processing. With this plugin, the feed will contain links to pages as well, and they will show up in Feedburner.

  2. Shep says:

    Fantastic little plugin! Works perfectly when other tag and category plugins failed. Thank you for the great work on this one!

  3. mebyg says:

    it’s exactly what I am looking for, Thanks.

  4. Rich says:

    Your plugin works great for adding categories and tags to pages, but the pages don’t show up in the category or page count within the “Categories” widget.

    In other words, when the “Categories” widget is displayed in the sidebar, a specific category only shows the count for the number of posts that have that category assigned to it. No pages are included in the count.

    Is there any work around for this?

    • Category counts for each category are stored in the database and updated whenever a post with that taxonomy is updated. So the problem is somewhere in that update mechanism.

  5. Really needs a box to tick or untick to include or not include a page in the blogroll….and, OUCH!… deactivating it leaves all the pages in the blogroll including pages that are not really pages……..

    • Hmm… I haven’t really tested this plugin with blogrolls, since those have been removed in WordPress 3.5 and the current recommendation is to use a Custom menu widget to display links, and not to use blogrolls at all.

  6. juuseri says:

    Hi Tarmo, thank you for this plug-in. Are you planning to update it any time soon? Does it still work with current WP without crashing the system? Or have you abandoned this project? I just wonder can I count on it in long run if building and maintaining a site.

    • The plugin has been kept extremely minimal, and it only uses the very core structures of WordPress. I therefore do not think it needs to be updated very often. I use it myself in several of my blogs, so if it does break, I believe I will see that and fix the plugin. But as I said, most likely no need.

  7. steve says:

    Hi Tarmo,
    Awesome plugin. I love it. However, I’d like to have a the option to not include certain pages on the front page.
    Something like this WP Hide Post plugin but for pages or the option to exclude certain pages. Please!

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