Diigo for Android released

Since the Android platform did not have Diigo support built-in, I wrote DiigoDroid, a small free application to do that some days ago. Diigo is a social bookmarking service. If you don’t use Diigo, you don’t need DiigoDroid. But if Delicious isn’t providing you with enough features, Diigo may be a good replacement (it can even clone any links you make to your Delicious account).

You can find the app by searching for DiigoDroid or Diigo in the Android Market. It’s also listed in Androlib.

After installing the app, you can go ahead and click on its icon in the application list. This will launch a browser to the Diigo website, where you’ll need to log in. You should of course create a Diigo account if you don’t already have that. Let the browser remember your password, so you don’t need to type it in all the time.

To actually use DiigoDroid, just browse the web as you normally would. When you find a page that you’d like to bookmark, press the Menu button, select Share page and from the list that comes up, select Diigo. This will launch DiigoDroid, which will figure out the title of the page you were on, and then direct your browser to Diigo’s mobile link posting page, where you can add tags and a description if you like. After you submit the link, you’ll be returned to the original page. It’s that simple.